About us

The main activity of the company is the production and assembly of metal structures and their parts, services of truck cranes and special transports, carrying out overhaul of industrial plants in the process industry.

The company’s services combine reliability, the quality of the services provided and the professionalism of the employees. The goal of the company is to achieve long-term cooperation with companies through continuously high standards of work performed, while simultaneously improving all business processes.

Special attention is paid to safety protection during daily work, checking and testing of materials and products, and continuous support to clients. The company has set up an internal organization for controlling production and thus ensured a controlled development of the production process in order to achieve the quality of the product required by the customer.

The company TRGOMETAL was founded in 1991. as a follower of the Locksmith shop that operated since June 1, 1981. as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment (trailers, plows, etc. attachments) and metal structures, as well as carrying out overhauls of industrial plants.

The company continues with the same and similar jobs on a larger scale and works on improving and modernizing production, employing more people. Today, it employs more than 95 employees (locksmiths, assemblers, mechanics and certified welders, drivers, certified truck crane operators) with the aim of providing high-quality services in the field of manufacturing and assembly of metal structures, overhaul of process plants, and services of cranes and specialized transport.

Commercial court registration:
Commercial court in Pazin: under MBS:040130863
Share capital: HRK 1,869,000.00 (paid in full)